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Jazz vocalist Debbie Woodroffe “Sweetie Dee”  started her musical career performing in church and university choirs, singing religious and classical songs while also developing a passion for jazz, being particularly influenced by the amazing Billie Holiday, the masterful Carmen McCrae and the wistful Bossa Nova diva Astrud Gilberto.

Debbie has performed with Melbourne jazz legend Bob Sedergreen, and his celebrated son, Steve Sedergreen.

She sings with the Merle Street Jazz Band at their regular gig at Ruby’s Music Room and led the blues band “Short Fuse” at the inaugural Castlemaine Jazz Festival.

She is currently fronting and leading the early jazz band “Bootleg Daze” at the Halls Gap Festival and at the 2nd Castlemaine Jazz Festval.


“Sweetie Dee” is Debbie’s alter ego, a jazz singer who flourished in the Speakeasies of Prohibition in the 1920s & early 30s in the USA. 

Sweetie Dee

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